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Polyurethane insulated subframe


  Polyurethane insulation subframe belongs to the category of insulation materials, and polyurethane is a new type of building material with excellent insulation, sound insulation, and insulation properties. It is widely used in fields such as building doors and windows, curtain walls, waterproof rolls, and can effectively reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in buildings. In addition, polyurethane also has characteristics such as corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and bacterial resistance, which can extend the service life of buildings. It should be noted that polyurethane insulation subframe is usually composed of two or more layers of materials, including rigid polyurethane foam and polycarbonate or polystyrene foam materials. These materials typically have different thicknesses and densities to adapt to different architectural styles and usage needs. In addition, the polyurethane insulated subframe also requires surface treatment and anti-corrosion treatment to ensure its long-term performance and safety and reliability.

   The company's polyurethane related products have been widely used in various industries (insulation/wood imitation/soft foam), receiving high praise and trust! The products have been exported to foreign markets such as Russia, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan, etc. We always adhere to the strategic development path of product diversification, brand internationalization, and service systematization, so that the world can understand "Fuleite" and "Made in China"! Guangdong Fuleite sincerely welcomes the presence and guidance of enterprise users. Your choice is the driving force for our progress!

Polyurethane foaming machine


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Mobile phone: 18933370499

E-mail: fuleitejd@163.com

Web site: www.puflt.com

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