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Seat polyurethane foam turntable wire


The large-scale automated turntable production line independently developed by Frete for polyurethane foam can achieve continuous, multi-station, and fully automated foam production. It is mainly used for polyurethane foam for car seat cushions, PU self skinning foam for motorcycle seat cushions, fitness equipment foam, and foot pad foam.

High degree of automation

The production line requires two people to complete, with high output and fast speed. The production line is mainly equipped with upper level industrial control computers, code scanning and reading systems, fully automatic mold bases, robots, variable proportion foaming machines, pre mixing stations, vacuum breaking machines, etc. Each equipment is connected by the system and has functions such as automatic correction and alarm.

Intelligent recognition workstation

The rotary production line uses encoders and frequency converters to control the rotational speed of the rotary table for closed-loop control to achieve constant speed operation, providing precise position assurance for the robot to work without stopping. At the same time, the upper industrial control computer identifies the mold base mold through a scanning code reader and transmits the data to the machine operator and foaming machine, thereby achieving the selection of product path and workstation injection amount.

polyurethane foam

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Mobile phone: 18933370499

E-mail: fuleitejd@163.com

Web site: www.puflt.com

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