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Polyurethane Products Everywhere in Life


Polyurethane foaming machine Do you know where polyurethane foaming equipment is used in our lives?

When we walked into the kitchen after washing in the morning and opened the refrigerator to pick up things, did we ever think about what the thick box and door of the refrigerator were? This is to fill the refrigerator with polyurethane foam, which can prevent heat exchange inside and outside the refrigerator. If there is no polyurethane filling, the compressor of the refrigerator is likely to roar endlessly!

After work, come to the sports ground to prepare for exercise. The shoes you wear have wear-resistant and comfortable soles, which are also made of polyurethane foam!

Polyurethane materials are constantly being developed due to their excellent performance and application range. From the perspective of application field, the automobile industry is the epitome of polyurethane foam applications. For example, high resilient polyurethane foam is basically used for car seat cushions, polyurethane rigid foam is used for roof insulation materials, microporous polyurethane buffers are used for chassis, filter sealing materials are made of polyurethane, and polyurethane foam filling materials are generally used for instrument panels, Polyurethane adhesive sealants and structural adhesives are required for the bonding of windshield glass and certain automotive components, water-based polyurethane adhesives are required for the bonding of interior trim components, and polyurethane tires are used for low-speed engineering vehicles.

Guangdong Fuleite Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a polyurethane mechanical automation production enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service. Our company develops and manufactures various types of polyurethane pouring machines, polyurethane foaming machines, automated foam production lines (suspension lines/ground rails/disk lines, etc.), automated foam mold bases, mechanical arms, and other complete sets of polyurethane foam equipment, helping thousands of users of polyurethane product production enterprises achieve "high product quality rate and low equipment failure rate.". The company's polyurethane related products have been widely used in various industries (thermal insulation/wood imitation/soft foam), receiving high praise and trust!

Polyurethane foaming machine

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Fuleite Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. 

Mobile phone: 18933370499

E-mail: fuleitejd@163.com

Web site: www.puflt.com

Add: Hongjian Industrial Park, Shenghui North Industrial Zone, Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. 34 Tongji west road