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Talking about polyurethane foam foaming machine!


Polyurethane rigid foam is a kind of polymer which is formed by high pressure spraying on the spot by mixing and stirring with isocyanate and polyether as the main raw materials, under the action of blowing agent, catalyst, flame retardant and other auxiliaries. 

There are two kinds of polyurethane foam: soft foam and hard foam. 

The soft bubbles are perforated structure, the hard bubbles are closed cell structure, and the soft bubbles are divided into crusts and non-crusts. 

The main function of polyurethane soft foam is cushioning. 

Foaming machines are generally used for sofa furniture, pillows, cushions, toys, clothing and soundproof linings, automotive supplies and so on. 

Polyurethane rigid foam is a new type of synthetic material with the function of heat preservation and waterproofing. Its thermal conductivity is low, which is only 0.022~0.033W/ (m * foam), which is equivalent to half of the extruded board. 

It is the least thermal conductivity of all thermal insulation materials at present. 

Rigid polyurethane foam is mainly used in building external wall insulation, roof waterproofing and insulation integration, cold storage thermal insulation, pipeline thermal insulation materials, building panels, refrigerated vehicles and cold storage insulation materials and so on. 

Foaming equipment uses: 


High efficiency and energy saving, seamless after filling, strong bond after curing. 


Shockproof and compression, do not crack after curing, do not rot, do not fall off. 


With ultra-low temperature thermal conductivity, heat insulation. 


High efficiency insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and moistureproof after curing. 


This joint filler can be adhered to concrete, coating, wall, wood and plastic surfaces. 

Application range of polyurethane foam: 

The business areas of this product are: door and window installation engineering, home decoration and so on. 


Sealed and fixed wood, plastic steel, aluminum alloy and other metal door and window frames. 


Package sealed cable box, air conditioning pipe, heat preservation cold and hot water pipe. 


Fill a void in a masonry building; fill a gap in the hull of a ship. 


Family maintenance: filling holes and gaps, floor tiles, floor repair. 


Landscape gardening: flower arrangement, gardening landscape, scenery, light and beautiful. 


Advertising exhibition: model, sand table manufacturing, display board repair. 


Packing and transportation: package valuable and fragile goods in an instant. 


Refrigerated air conditioning: cold storage, air conditioner around the seam filling, sealing insulation.

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