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What distinguishes polyurethane car seat foam (1)


Distinguished by mold temperature

1. Thermal foaming

After pouring, the mold is placed in an oven at 220-250 ℃ (not less than 180 ℃), and after completing the reaction, it is taken out for demolding.

Advantages: foam has low density, good thermal aging performance, and no separate opening is required. Low mold cost.

Disadvantage: High energy consumption. The exhaust hole is prone to producing "mushroom heads", leading to excessive waste of chemical materials. The on-site cleaning and equipment maintenance in the later stage are more troublesome.

2. Cold foaming

Generally designed as a multi station rotary production line. The mold is generally heated to 45-70 ℃ using a mold temperature machine, and then demoulded after the foaming reaction is completed by pouring PU material. After demolding, the product needs to use a bubble breaking machine to help open holes.

Advantages: Low energy consumption, clean and easy to maintain equipment

Disadvantages: The equipment is more complex and the equipment cost is high. The thermal aging performance of foam is general, and it is a station vacuum foam breaker sprayed with release agent.

Guangdong Fuleite Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a polyurethane mechanical automation production enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service. Our company develops and manufactures various types of polyurethane pouring machines, polyurethane foaming machines, automated foaming production lines (suspension lines/ground track lines/disc lines, etc.), automated foaming mold frames, mechanical arms, and other polyurethane foam equipment sets, helping thousands of polyurethane product production enterprise users achieve "high product quality rate and low equipment failure rate".

Polyurethane foaming machine

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Web site: www.puflt.com

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