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Introduction of mixing head of polyurethane foaming machine


The mixing head is the core part of the high-pressure foaming machine - polyurethane foaming processing equipment, which plays an important role in the normal operation. The use of the mixing head can provide two or more components of polyurethane raw materials for the high-pressure foaming machine. Through high-pressure, atomization, spraying, collision and other technologies, the raw materials can be evenly mixed to form a fluid foaming mixture, which flows into the pouring mold through the pipe and is self-foaming.

Polyurethane foaming machine

The speed is fast and uniform, the flow is adjustable, the pipeline can be cleaned automatically, and the PLC or electrical control is used, the action is quick and accurate. At present, the mixing head has been widely used in automobile, household appliances, furniture and other industries, as well as warehouse insulation, pipeline insulation and other related fields.

It is made of high-quality alloy steel as the raw material, and then through several strict processes. It is strictly controlled, with high precision, stable performance, neat appearance and flexible action. The surfaces of key parts are specially treated and durable, with a service life of more than 200000 times. The "L" type and "T" type, two series of two-component structure mixing heads have also been widely used in the industry.

The mixing head has three working modes:

1. Operation without material: when the high-pressure metering pump is not working, demonstrate the system pouring, and verify whether the procedure or mixing head action is correct according to the time action of each procedure;

2. Normal operation: the operating procedures of each system are normal and operate normally according to the actual situation;

3. Calibration: When the high-pressure metering pump is working, adjust the pouring pressure of the mixing head nozzle.

Since 2022, the number of variants has increased, and MT has been turned to the successful basic design of the mixing head. Because of the re-optimized materials and high-quality surface coating, it can be used for a long service life even under difficult production conditions and harsh raw material systems.

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