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Precautions for foaming of polyurethane foam insulation pipe


Polyurethane foaming machine can complete the production of polyurethane insulation pipes. Polyurethane insulation pipes have excellent characteristics such as light capacity, high strength, thermal insulation, sound insulation, flame retardancy, cold resistance, corrosion prevention, non water absorption, and easy and fast construction. They have become indispensable materials for thermal insulation, water proofing, leak plugging, and sealing in industrial departments such as construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical, electric power, and refrigeration.

The following are precautions for foaming polyurethane insulation pipes:

1. The formwork shall be matched in specifications, with a flat surface, and the removable formwork shall not adhere to the cast polyurethane rigid foam;

2. Ensure that the formwork is stable and reliable after installation;

3. When pouring hard polyurethane foam on site, the ambient temperature should be between 15 ℃ and 25 ℃. It is strictly prohibited to work under high temperature exposure;

4. During pouring, the wind force should not be greater than Level 4, and the relative humidity should be less than 80%. No construction is allowed in rainy days;

5. The raw materials and proportions of rigid polyurethane foam shall be suitable for pouring construction;

The formwork can be removed after 30~40 minutes of pouring

Polyurethane foaming machine

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