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Introduction to the hydraulic unit of polyurethane foaming machine


The hydraulic unit is the core component of the high-pressure foaming machine - polyurethane foaming processing equipment, and its main function is to supply the execution power of the foaming gun head, playing an important role in whether it can operate normally.

Hydraulic unit of high-pressure foaming machine:

① Hydraulic oil tank and integrated block

② Hydraulic pump

③ Drive motor

④ Pressure sensor

⑤ Oil temperature gauge

⑥ Liquid level display

⑦ Overflow valve

⑧ Fuel filler

⑨ Check valve

Energy storage device

11. Oil cooler

Oil drain port


Due to the seamless transition fit between the large piston rod of the gun head and the discharge port, it can only move under high thrust. At the same time, the small piston, as a raw material mixing shut-off valve, has high requirements for its opening and closing (time) accuracy and reliability. Therefore, the pressure of hydraulic stations is generally set above 15MPa. To ensure that the hydraulic oil is within the control range, a cooler is installed to reduce the oil temperature; In order to reduce pressure fluctuations, an energy storage device is installed in the system.

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