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Pu foaming machine has a wide range of uses!


The pu foaming machine is very useful. 

Mainly used in hard foam, soft bubble side refrigerator, freezer, water heater, disinfection cabinet, imitation wood furniture, thermal insulation pipe, car interior accessories, library board, mobile cabin, seat, sponge, 

Toys and other thermal insulation materials filled in the production of commodities. 

In the fierce polyurethane foaming machine market competition steady development, from the mechanical technology and performance and the quality of mechanical products have obtained the majority of customer recognition and praise, and exported to a number of overseas countries. 

Advantages of polyurethane PU foaming machine

1. Pneumatic pressurization equipment has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low failure rate, simple operation, convenient movement and so on. 

2. The world's leading ventilation method to ensure the stability of equipment operation; 

3. The multi-material filtration equipment can reduce the problem of spray blockage at the best quality. 

4. Multiple leakage maintenance system can maintain the safety of operators; 

5. Equip the emergency switch system, which can deal with the emergency situation most quickly. 

Pu foaming machine manufacturer. 

6. The heating system can make the material heat up to the ambition condition quickly, and satisfy the normal construction of the equipment. 

7. Humanized setting of equipment operation panel, it is easy to grasp the operation method; 

8. The new spray gun has the advantages of small size, light weight and low failure rate. 

9. The pick-up pump adopts the method of large variable ratio, and the material can be supplied easily when the material viscosity is high in winter.

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Pu foaming machine


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