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What are the main types of polyurethane equipment?


What are the main types of polyurethane equipment? 

Polyurethane equipment has spraying machine, polyurethane spraying equipment, polyurethane high pressure spraying machine, foaming machine, polyurethane high pressure foaming machine spraying machine, which is a special coating equipment using spraying technology. 

The principle is to control the air flow to promote the commutation of the valve commutation device in an instant, so as to make the piston of the pneumatic motor move to and fro stably and continuously. 

To pressurize the inhaled paint, the coating is transported to the spray gun of the spraying machine through a high pressure hose, and the coating is instantly atomized and released to the surface of the coated object. 

The sprayer is mainly composed of feeding device, spray gun and atomization source. 

Suitable for leather handbags, gift packaging, furniture, shoes, automobile manufacturing and other industries. 

Polyurethane spraying equipment. 

Spraying polyurethane includes two parts: direct spraying with primer and synthetic resin and foaming polyurethane spraying. 

The direct spraying with primer and synthetic resin is mainly used for anticorrosion and wear resistance, sealing, heat preservation and so on. It is characterized by good wear resistance, good erosion resistance, spraying coating from 25 μ to several millimeters and no hanging flow phenomenon. 

Polyurethane spraying, for high pressure polyurethane spraying equipment. 

Because the material of the high pressure spraying equipment hits at high speed and rotates violently in the mixing room with very small space, the mixing is very sufficient. 

The high-speed moving material forms a fine droplet at the mouth of the gun and sprays evenly onto the surface of the object. 

High pressure foaming machine for thermal insulation and filling. 

Foamed polyurethane spraying is mainly used for thermal insulation and sealing in thermal insulation and refrigeration. It is difficult to use moulds, such as large spherical storage tanks, large diameter special-shaped pipe fittings, cold storage walls and other thermal insulation materials, can achieve on-site foaming. 

The high pressure foaming machine is widely used. 

It is mainly used in refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, disinfection cabinets, imitation wood furniture, thermal insulation pipes, automobile interior accessories, storage panels, mobile cabins, seats, sponges, etc. 

Toys and other thermal insulation raw materials filled in the production of products. 

Foaming machine is a kind of foam equipment which makes foaming agent into aqueous solution of a certain concentration. 

Foaming agent itself can not automatically become foam, must be through the mechanical action of the foaming machine in order to become foam. 

Polyurethane foaming machine is a special equipment for pouring foaming of polyurethane foam. 

As long as the performance index of polyurethane component raw material (isocyanate component and polyether polyol component) meets the formula requirements. 

Through this equipment, we can produce uniform and qualified foam products. 

It is prepared by chemical reaction foaming with polyether polyol and polyisocyanate in the presence of foaming agent, catalyst, emulsifier and other chemical additives. 

Polyurethane foaming machine can be used for automobile interior decoration, thermal insulation wall spraying, thermal insulation pipe manufacturing, bicycle and motorcycle seat sponge processing.

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