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What is the hydraulic foaming machine platform and what are its uses?


Hydraulic foaming platform. 

The use of equipment: thermal insulation pipe, steam pipe, thermal pipe network. 

The foaming platform is a special auxiliary equipment for the production of polyurethane foam insulation pipe by two-step method. 

The foaming platform uses the hydraulic mechanism to quickly connect, locate and close the foaming flanges at both ends of the foaming pipe fittings (the intermediate bracket and the outer casing) installed on the working table of the equipment, so as to carry out the foaming operation. 

The high pressure foaming machine equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operating workers. 

The machine is composed of left and right flange adjustment, motion system, worktable, hydraulic and control system, etc. 

1. Flange adjustment motion system: 

Each end of the foaming machine is provided with a flange push plate driven by an oil cylinder, which is positioned by a support wheel and a guide rod to make the movement stable. 

The push plate is machined with grooves (holes) that can be installed with various types of foaming flanges and the flanges are located in the center of the push plate to prevent the force from tilting. 

The seat plate for installing the push plate guide rod and the oil cylinder is positioned by the vertical guide grooves on both sides, which is used to replace the workpiece of different specifications is to adjust the height of the push plate center and adjust the height of the adjustment wire just by the chain interconnection to ensure the left and right synchronization of the adjustment. 

(the handwheel is used for no-load adjustment, and the push plate should be in a position close to the lead screw handwheel.) when working, adjust the push plate flange to be concentric with the work and adjust the supporting wheel accordingly to keep the push plate in a vertical state, so as to reduce the motion resistance. 

2. Workbench: 

The worktable is a welded structure of steel plate and shape steel, which is divided into left and right sections with high strength and good rigidity. 

There are two adjustable positioning blocks at each end to adjust the working horizontal direction to be concentric with the push plate flange. 

At the bottom of the worktable, there is a lifting mechanism that changes the inclination angle of the worktable surface in order to tilt. 

Adjust the angle when foaming (if the inclination angle needs to exceed 5 °, the adjustment pit can be dug at the pivot end of the angle adjustment). 


The manufacturing process of the medium press ensures that the machine has the advantages of simple mixing mechanism, low price, economical and practical water cleaning rocker arm length, which can be rotated 360 degrees, convenient and fast. 

Open structure, clear at a glance, easy to maintain. 

This machine is equipped with AB two groups of heaters, two tanks can hold 200kg liquid. 

Use AB material pump to feed automatically. 

This machine mainly adopts V, H series high precision metering pump to quantitatively transport A and B feed liquid, with no pulse, continuous feeding, stepless adjustment can be carried out, accurate and convenient measurement. 

This machine adopts three items of continuous action: three items of fire line, no zero line, continuous action and black and white material and gas valve. 

Equipped with an air compressor (self-provided) exhaust capacity for 0.6Mpa-0.9Mpa3 can be produced, in the air pressure adjustment to 0.6-0.8Mpa can be produced.

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