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Advantage Analysis of Polyurethane rigid foam filling door


After the Fret after-sales service engineer came back from Jiangxi last month, he reported that the Jiangxi door industry was booming, and the customer feedback used polyurethane raw materials to fill the wooden door, and the effect was very satisfactory. According to Fret's years of market experience, it has gained a good reputation that polyurethane foaming equipment has penetrated into the field of brother industry. Today, we will make a detailed comparison of the advantages of polyurethane rigid foam filled doors as follows, so that door manufacturers can have a deeper understanding of polyurethane.

The development of the door industry has developed from simple and rough wooden doors to exquisite steel doors, solid wood doors and anti-theft doors. Whether from the beautiful appearance or practical functions are constantly improving, the door industry has developed to a new period, but the door body filling is still using asbestos, solid wood, honeycomb paper and other materials. The filling of solid wood consumes resources, and asbestos fillings have carcinogenic risks. Today, with the rapid development of polymer materials, polyurethane rigid foam, as a new type of filling material, will play an important role in the development of door industry.

What is polyurethane rigid foam?

Polyurethane rigid foam is referred to as polyurethane rigid foam, namely PU. It is a mixture of two liquid chemical raw materials and forms a hard foam by chemical reaction. Material A-organic isocyanate, material B-polyol (polyether polyol) plus foaming agent, catalyst, flame retardant, etc. Material An and B are injected into the foaming cavity by a high pressure machine to form a hard foam. Polyurethane is a good thermal insulation material in the world at present. Rigid polyurethane foam has excellent properties, such as good strength, light weight, low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, aging resistance, anti-corrosion, waterproof, easy to bond with other materials, combustion does not produce droplets and other excellent properties.

Production and sales of polyurethane filled doors:

At present, large leading enterprises in the door industry all produce polyurethane filled doors, and two new factories around Chengdu and Jiangxi are producing polyurethane filled doors. Polyurethane-filled doors are being sold as high-end products with high-tech content in the market, and the price is also higher than 200-400 yuan for honeycomb paper-filled doors. Thus it can be seen that the development prospect of polyurethane filled door is very good.


Characteristics of polyurethane filled doors:

One of the characteristics-good strength, no deformation.

Polyurethane foam filled with wooden doors or composite doors, the appearance looks the same as other doors, however, the internal structure is completely different. Generally, the paint-free door is hollow, or it is filled with honeycomb paper, while we use polymer fillers to change the reaction from liquid to solid, which is not only very environmentally friendly, but also strengthens the structural toughness of the door, so that the strength of the door is very high and very strong. Whether it is heavy pressure, bubbles in water, or burning in fire, it can be guaranteed never to deform. This technology has put an end to the problems such as deformation and dampness that are easy to occur in composite doors and wooden doors.

The second feature is that the effect of filling steel door is good.

In order to improve the compressive strength of the door body, some anti-theft door manufacturers add multiple reinforcement inside the door, which not only increases the process but also increases the cost. Nevertheless, the problem of poor local compressive strength still exists. And because of the many solder joints, the flatness of the door body is not easy to guarantee, which affects the surface quality and the product grade is low.

The building materials made of polyurethane rigid foam and epoxy resin are now used directly as the floors and walls of light houses in the United States. it can be seen that the filling strength of polyurethane rigid foam is very excellent, and the periphery of the steel door is wrapped by metal. filling with polyurethane can guarantee the strength.

Polyurethane foam naturally has a good adhesion with metal, so the process of glue coating can be saved and the efficiency can be greatly improved. And the material can automatically fill the gap in the door cavity when foaming, so there is no need to worry about the uniformity of filling. At present, both Wang Li door and Meixin door are filled with polyurethane foam, and its effect and market reaction have been verified.

The third feature-- good sound insulation effect.

Generally speaking, the inside of the paint-free door is hollow, or filled with honeycomb paper, no matter which method is used, the sound insulation effect is not good, so that "you know which TV channel you are watching in the room through the door." One of the characteristics of this polymer material is that it has a good sound insulation effect, it is often used as a thermal insulation layer in buildings, and it is also used as a sound insulation board on some viaducts, and the sound insulation effect is better than that of solid wood. Therefore, using it to fill the door can completely solve the problem of sound insulation. The door with excellent texture, filled with honeycomb paper, does not have the thick feel of a solid wood door, and the sound of knocking on the door is hollow and not thick enough. almost any kind of door can be improved by filling with polyurethane foam, and its cost is almost the same as that of making a wooden door.

Cost-benefit comparison: using polyurethane foam to fill a door body, the cost is only about 40 yuan. If it is calculated according to the annual production of 10,000 doors, then even if the cost of equipment is included, the cost is only about 55 yuan. As for the increased added value of the products, even if the profit of each door is calculated by 100 yuan more, the polyurethane foam door of 10,000 kilogrammes can still generate an additional profit of 1 million.

Process comparison: polyurethane foaming material has good adhesion to steel and wood, and the glue coating process is omitted in the production process. At the same time, polyurethane foam can be molded by on-site injection molding, which automatically fills each gap in the foaming process, so that the foam is combined with the door body, thus eliminating the process of trimming fillers. Workers only need to carry out a simple operation to get the filling door with high yield, so it can be seen that the use of polyurethane foam filling can greatly reduce the labor intensity and difficulty, and reduce the labor cost to a certain extent.

Environmental comparison: as a commonly used filling material in the door industry, asbestos has carcinogenic problems, and some developed countries have imposed strict restrictions on the use of asbestos. The use of solid wood filling requires the use of a lot of glue, but also a consumption of resources. The polyurethane foam is safe and non-toxic, and has better thermal insulation and sound insulation effect at the same time. It is a new material with both energy saving and environmental protection.

Inventory comparison: polyurethane raw materials are liquid before foaming, and their density is slightly higher than that of water. Assuming that the density of water is 1000, then the density of polyurethane rigid foam is only 30-40. It can be seen that its volume expansion rate is large. The raw materials of the two buckets can fill about 200 doors. The storage area of raw materials is much smaller than that of wood and asbestos, and there is no need to worry about decay and moth.

Comparison of market prospects: among the many door enterprises in China, the vast majority of door enterprises are still using the traditional production technology to produce products with popular quality and materials. under the current market conditions of rising labor costs and material costs, only by choosing to develop new products with high added value can we be in an invincible position in the future development.

Polyurethane foam filling door is not a new invention this year. Some large door enterprises tried to use it a few years ago. After years of development and promotion, it has been recognized by the market and consumers. Now it is active in the market as a high-end product. It is a good time for emerging door enterprises to intervene. Hope that the polyurethane high-pressure foaming equipment produced by Fret will be favored by you!

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