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The function and principle configuration of Fret disc foaming automatic production line


First, the use of the disc foaming production line: the disc production line mainly acts on the advantage of mass production of polyurethane products. Such as motorcycle cushion foaming, car cushion foaming, slow rebound pillow foaming, steering wheel foaming, refrigerator box foaming, imitation wood furniture foaming and so on. In order to improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor force and save the space of the production workshop.

Second, principle configuration:

1. The diameter of the disc production line is determined according to the distance between the customer's workshops and the number of moulds.

2. The disc is made of a ladder-shaped frame. The ladder-shaped frame is mainly welded with 1-inch and 1-inch channel steel (national standard). The disk is divided into two parts: the load-bearing area and the non-load-bearing area. The installation area of the mold base is the load-bearing area, the thickness of the paved steel plate in this area is 5mm, and the thickness of the paved steel plate in the non-load-bearing area is 3mm.

3. The turntable is provided with load-bearing wheels, and the number of load-bearing wheels depends only on the diameter of the disc and the heavy or light weight. The load-bearing wheel is composed of high-quality bearings embedded in the outer steel sleeve. Make the turntable run more smoothly and last for a long time.

4. A circular rail is installed under the load-bearing wheel, and the thickness of the track steel plate is determined by the weight of the disc.

5. The frame of the main structure of the turntable uses the national standard I-steel, the closed structure, and the disk surface is guaranteed to be flat and undeformed. At the bottom of the center bearing seat, the thrust bearing is used to carry the load, and the tapered roller bearing ensures the positioning and the accuracy and reliability of rotation.

Foaming plate production line

6. Hot water pipes are installed on the turntable, all the way is inlet water and one way is backwater, which is processed and manufactured with PPR hot water pipe and insulated with thermal insulation materials.

7. The turntable water supply pipe and the return water pipe are respectively set up as shunts according to 24 bits, and each station shunt is controlled by an independent switch of a copper ball valve.

8. Install two gas supply pipes side by side with hot water pipes when the diameter of the pipe is 1 inch. The air is supplied to the cylinder and the airbag respectively, and the air source is supplied by the way of rotary joint, and the air filter with pressure regulating knob is installed in the circuit to facilitate the adjustment of air pressure, ensure the cleanliness of compressed air and protect the pneumatic components.

10. An automatic constant temperature mold temperature machine equipped with three-speed power controls all mold temperatures.

11. The transmission type is chain transmission, and the drive seat uses fixed transmission. The bottom of the center bearing seat is loaded by thrust bearings, and the tapered roller bearings are positioned to ensure the accuracy and reliability of rotation. There is an independent electric control box on the ground, which is equipped with frequency converter to adjust the speed. The transmission part uses 5.5kw motor with cochlear gear and worm reducer.

12. The center seat brush uses no powder brush, which will not produce toner in the process of use. The central conductive slip ring is four rings, which satisfies the three-phase four-wire connection. The conductive device of the slip ring in the center of the turntable must be equipped with a safety cover to prevent the danger of electric shock.

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