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Equipment of wood-like polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine


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Product advantage

Intelligent integration: with intelligent production capacity, according to customer requirements combined with intelligent assembly line, intelligent manipulator and other complex operation skills. 

Flowmeter monitoring: the use of high-precision pulse metering device, so that the Flowmeter, frequency converter, PLC control system to monitor each other to achieve closed-loop control to ensure that the measurement accuracy is less than 1%. 

Electrical control: the use of reliable quality configuration, with Siemens PLC, Schneider accessories as the main basis. 

Mixing device: the system adopts self-cleaning / anti-reverse / anti-spatter sticking / new V-shaped (to achieve three mixing functions) foaming gun, beautiful structure and convenient operation. 

With Siemens polyurethane special pump, the injection is accurate and the mixing effect is very good. 

Double constant temperature control: the use of double cold and hot integrated machine, with cold and heat exchanger, interactive cycle, to ensure that the raw material temperature is constant, the error is less than ±2 ℃. 

Double touch screen visualization: the operation is more convenient and quick, highlighting the humanization.

Product use

This series of wood-like polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine is suitable for imitation wood products, mainly used in imitation wood board, flowers, decorative ceiling, mirror frame, clothes hanger model, European lamp panel, imitation wood lines, Roman posts, lamp posts, imitation wood handicrafts and other industries. According to the requirements of customers, it can be divided into atmospheric type and compact and simple type, which is a choice with high performance-to-price ratio.

Summary on the Application of Polyurethane High pressure foaming Machine

Application field of soft foam foaming machine (FLT.R): sofa headrest, mattress, toy, seat, steering wheel, filter seal, cushioning packaging, etc. 

Application field of wood-like foaming machine (FLT.M): architectural decoration, wood-like lines, wood-like furniture, wood-like flower windows, Roman posts, lamp posts, wood-like handicrafts, car bumpers, fenders, sports and medical supplies, etc.; 

Application field of thermal insulation foaming machine (FLT.B): floor heating board, incubator, refrigerator freezer, disinfection cabinet, water heater, solar energy, engineering roof wall, kitchen cabinet, commercial display cabinet, wine cabinet, etc. 

Cyclopentane foaming machine application field (FLT.H): general-purpose environment-friendly foaming equipment.

Product parameters

Equipment of wood-like polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine

Equipment of wood-like polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine


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