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Polyurethane foaming machine for decorative board


  • category:Wood-like polyurethane foaming machine
  • number:1622535096
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  • Release date:2021-06-01
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Product use:

       Product use: hanging multi-function decorative plate automatic foaming production line, can also be used for refrigerator freezer and other large household appliances polyurethane foaming, is a more advanced foaming mode of production.

Product characteristics:

  Double gun head structure: cooperate with double gun head polyurethane high pressure foaming machine, multi-point, multi-station mobile perfusion, free to switch different foaming weight.

  Automatic flipping: the automatic flipping mechanism completes the automatic flipping of large workpieces to improve efficiency and reduce risk coefficient.

  Automatic offline mechanism: products of more than 300 kg can be automatically transported from the line to the temporary storage area.

  Hydraulic lifting platform:the height can be adjusted freely, the labor intensity can be reduced, and it is convenient for workers to work.

  Free positioning: the use of high suspension does not occupy the space, rational use of space, high production efficiency, high-strength track to meet the free positioning of the gun head, to achieve parking and pouring at any time.

Product parameters:

Foaming applications:

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