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What is the process of polyurethane foaming?


The raw materials such as polyether or polyester polyol (white material) and polyisocyanate (black material), water, catalyst, surfactant, foaming agent, and other additives are added in one step, and mixed under high-speed stirring before foaming.

The one-step foaming process is commonly used. In addition, there is the manual foaming method, which is the simplest method. Rigid polyurethane foam is generally room temperature foam, and the molding process is relatively simple. According to the degree of construction mechanization, it can be divided into manual foaming and mechanical foaming; According to the pressure during foaming, it can be divided into high-pressure foaming and low-pressure foaming; According to the molding method, it can be divided into pouring foam and spraying foam.

Polyurethane foam has a wide range of applications, almost penetrating into all sectors of the national economy, especially in furniture, bedding, transportation, refrigeration, construction, thermal insulation and other sectors, and has become one of the indispensable materials.

Polyurethane foam has become one of the most widely used varieties in plastics. Polyurethane soft foam is mainly used in furniture, bedding, and other household items, such as sofas and chairs, backrest cushions, mattresses, and pillows; Polyurethane rigid foam is mainly used for thermal insulation, refrigeration equipment and cold storage, thermal insulation board, wall insulation, pipeline insulation, tank insulation, one component foam caulking material, etc.


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