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The principle of the foaming machine of the pneumatic mold base and the function of the filter


 As the name implies, polyurethane foaming machine is the equipment used for foaming work, but many people do not know its working principle very well. Today we will briefly introduce its working principle. Let's also see how the function of the filter is realized.

The basic principle of foaming machine is to introduce air into foaming agent solution. The change of various models is that the way of introducing gas is different, so the effect is also different. There are two necessary factors for the formation of foam, one is foaming agent solution, and the other is air, both of which are indispensable. Without foaming agent solution, the liquid film surrounding the gas will not form, and there will be no bubbles. Without gas and foaming agent solution alone, bubbles cannot be formed. In the bubble formation system of pneumatic mold base, the foaming agent solution is a dispersion medium, and the gas is a dispersion phase. Only when the gas is dispersed in the liquid can bubbles be formed, and then countless bubbles form foam.

Return filter: set on the return oil pipeline of the system, its function is to capture the pollutants generated or invaded in the system before returning to the oil tank. Therefore, it is the most effective and important filter to control the pollution concentration of the system. Although it is a low-pressure pipeline, pulsation or pressure impact may also occur according to the operating condition of the transmission device, so the material and strength of the components should be fully considered.

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