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The development of automobile is inseparable from polyurethane foaming machine


With the rapid development of the automobile industry, polyurethane foam products have been more and more widely used in the automobile industry. The roof, carpet, steering wheel, dashboard, seats and bumpers of automobiles are inseparable from polyurethane foam. At the same time, the continuous updating of foaming process and the increasing output also put forward higher requirements for polyurethane foaming equipment. Polyurethane foaming equipment used in the automobile industry mainly includes polyurethane raw material storage system, polyurethane raw material premixing system, high-pressure foaming machine and molding foaming production line.


Therefore, the development of a new generation of polyurethane foaming machine with high degree of automation, environmental protection and energy conservation and its specific application in the automobile industry are particularly concerned by the current automobile industry After years of exploration and development, Fuleite has grown into a backbone enterprise in the polyurethane machinery industry in Guangdong Province. We have 20 years of senior electrical engineers and mechanical engineers who focus on polyurethane research and development experience, absorb the technical characteristics of Italian Conlon and German Hennegi, and integrate the polyurethane technology of various manufacturers. We have strong technical force and strong scientific research and development capability; The company has set up technology supporting teams such as technology research and development department and test center to build Frete's core technology, cultivate independent innovation ability and successfully obtain dozens of national patents; The professional production team can meet the production and transformation of different polyurethane series equipment; The brand new modern factory building and independent office building, with complete department configuration and clear division of labor, ensure efficient and systematic tracking management of product design, procurement, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, etc., and fully introduce ISO9001 quality management system to fully guarantee the product quality and technical services of enterprise users.

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Mobile phone: 18933370499

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Web site: www.puflt.com

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