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Seat Polyurethane Foam Turntable Line


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  • Release date:2023-02-27
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Product features:

high degree of automation

The production line can be completed by two people, with high output and fast speed. The production line is mainly equipped with: upper industrial computer, scanning code reading system, automatic mold base, robot, variable proportion foaming machine, premixing station, vacuum foam breaking machine, etc. Each equipment is connected by the system, with automatic correction and alarm and other functions.

Intelligent identification station

The rotary table production line uses the encoder and the frequency converter to control the rotary table speed for closed-loop control to achieve constant speed operation, which provides accurate position guarantee for the robot to work without stopping. It is transmitted to the robot and the foaming machine, so as to realize the selection of the product path and the injection amount of the station.

Smart perfusion

FLT-12G variable proportion foaming machine has the functions of proportion, station, flow rate, injection volume, product quantity, etc. Correction of the total injection volume.

Automatic compensation of raw materials

The FLT-12M premixing station is used with the foaming machine. When the material level of the foaming machine is too low, the premixing station will automatically replenish the material, so as to ensure the continuous operation of the foaming machine for 24 hours and improve the work efficiency.

Product parameters:


technical parameter

product type

Rotary Heavy Duty Turntable Line

Equipment load capacity


main motor power


reducer ratio


running speed


Inverter adjustable range


Self-contained heating water supply power


Rotating brush head load capacity

220V~380V.50HZ 100A

Rotary joint air supply capacity

P:0.8Mpa Q:2800NL/min

floor space

∮5-12m(Can be customized according to customer needs)

total power


Total weight of the whole machine

About 2-5 tons

using electric

380V 50HZ

Product Usage:

The large-scale automatic turntable production line independently developed by FULEITEr can realize continuous, multi-station and fully automatic foaming production. Foot pads foam, etc.

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