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Which factors affect the foaming pressure of polyurethane foaming machine?


Polyurethane foaming equipment is mainly used to produce polyurethane products, including high-pressure and low-pressure foaming machines used to produce polyurethane foam, pouring machines used to produce polyurethane elastomer materials and production methods. The polyurethane equipment is widely used in refrigerators, freezers, automobiles, solar water heaters, medical equipment and other industries

During the filling and foaming process of rigid polyurethane foam, the foaming pressure of polyurethane foaming machine will change with time. After the raw material is injected, the pressure gradually increases, reaches the MAX value, and then gradually decreases.

The foaming pressure of high pressure polyurethane foaming machine is affected by many factors. These factors include hydroxyl value and structure, type of isocyanate, type and dosage of catalyst, type and dosage of foaming agent, temperature of raw materials, temperature, product size and number of injections.

When using polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine, remember that temperature has a significant impact on the output of foaming agent and the quality of foam. Below 30, the higher the water temperature, the lower the foam density and the higher the output. However, if the water temperature exceeds 30, the bubble density is too small, the bubble wall is too thin, and it is easy to defoaming, so the output will be reduced. Therefore, the temperature of the foaming agent aqueous solution is controlled at 20 to 30 ° C.


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