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Fuleite teaches you how to judge a polyurethane foaming machine


1. The final product of the foaming machine is foam. In the production process, we need foam. Therefore, the quality of foam is the only standard to measure the performance of the foaming machine. To judge the quality of foaming material of foaming machine, three development aspects should be mainly studied, namely foam fineness, foam uniformity and foam bleeding water.

2. The foam fineness refers to the size of the bubble diameter. The smaller the bubble diameter, the thinner and denser the foam, the better the foam stability, the higher the product strength, and the better the thermal insulation performance.

3. The uniformity of foam processing means that the bubble diameter should be uniform. The more uniform the bubble diameter is, the narrower the distribution research scope is, the more uniform the maximum stress on the product structure is, and the better the application effect is.

4. Foam exudation refers to the amount of water solution produced after the foam breaks. The smaller the foam soaking amount, the lower the foam water content, indicating that the better the foaming performance of the foaming machine.

5. Whether the foaming machine can meet the design requirements shall be verified by testing the machine. When selecting a foaming machine, it is required that the foam produced by the foaming machine must be a sponge like fine foam with more foam and less water, which is uniform and fine.


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