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Automatic production line of polyurethane foaming machine for foot mats in Vietnam


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  • Release date:2020-08-24
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Automatic production line equipment for polyurethane foaming of floor mats in Vietnam.

Introduction: the automatic production line of turntable foaming is mainly for automatic spray release machine, injection, mixing, foaming, constant temperature, pressure preservation, etc., in order to realize automatic production and minimize the participation of workers. The main components and functions of the whole line are as follows.

Name: polyurethane foaming premixing station.

Function: draw the foaming material into the equipment in advance through the constant temperature machine to cool the foaming material, keep the temperature to achieve the required temperature of the foaming material, stir the material evenly through the mixer, and supply the foaming machine automatically by the feed pump, etc., in order to achieve the non-stop operation of the foaming machine, and greatly improve the time required for manual feeding, cooling and mixing of the foaming machine.

Name: polyurethane high pressure foaming machine.

Function: through the thermostat on the foaming material (material A, material B) temperature monitoring and constant; through the high-pressure mixing head (gun head) A material, B material fully mixed to achieve the ideal foaming effect; through the microcomputer (PLC) controller high-speed calculation of the injection high pressure, injection flow, high-precision metering pump and other electrical appliances automatic control to achieve accurate proportion, flow, weight control.

Name: turntable foaming automatic production line.

Function: 12 sets of mold bases are fixed by a 7.6-meter large turntable, 360 °automatic rotation with demoulding machine robot, injection robot, polyurethane foaming machine and other equipment to achieve automatic production of products in the state of movement. increase production capacity.

Name: demoulding robot.

Function: by driving the spray gun to evenly spray the mold release agent in the mold to achieve the effect that the products in the mold do not stick to the mold, and at the same time, it can greatly improve the production efficiency with safe and reliable, high-speed and efficient operation, using the robot produced by Germany Kuka Company. the international brand robot is safe and reliable, high-speed and efficient.

5. Injection robot.

Function: by driving the high-pressure mixing head (gun head) to move according to the route track and speed set in advance to achieve uniform injection, using the robot produced by German Kuka company, the international brand robot is safe, reliable, high-speed and efficient.

6. Foaming mold base mould.

Function: heating the mold by the way of water cycle, more energy saving and environmental protection; through the controller to control the water temperature and mold temperature, and at the same time to close the foam material in the injection mold at a fixed point (time adjustable and more humanized). Fixed-point switch mold products are more safe and reliable.


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