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PU automatic foaming equipment for handrail manipulator


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In daily life, we often use PU foaming materials made of supplies, compare foamed PU handrails, seats, cushions, etc., in fact, PU foaming material is polyurethane, this is a new type of polymer material, because of its excellent performance, is used in light industry, chemical, electronics, textile, medical, construction, building materials, automotive, national defense, aerospace, aviation and so on.

PU foam is divided into soft foam, hard foam and semi-hard foam. Foaming PU handrail is made of self-crust foam of semi-hard foam.

Advantages of foamed PU handrails:

1. Excellent compression and impact resistance.

2. Wear resistance, oil resistance, wide hardness range, high strength and high elongation, shock absorption.

3. The degree of softness and hardness of the surface can be adjusted according to the user's requirements, and the surface can form a layer of skin, or there can be no skin on the surface.

4. Simplify the production process, improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.

5. light weight, hardness can be modulated according to customer requirements.

6. It can be made into any shape, and the surface is easy to color.

7. Fillers can be placed for reinforcement.

The handrail foaming process can form a foaming coating with comfortable touch, excellent durability and corrosion resistance on the handrail.

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Pu foaming machine


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