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Product characteristics and advantages of high-pressure foaming machine


  As a high-performance product, high-pressure foaming machine gives full play to its advantages. Although high-pressure foaming machine is used in many industries, there are still many people who do not have a good understanding of high-pressure foaming machine, which leads to problems in use. Therefore, it is necessary to have a preliminary understanding of its characteristics and related advantages before purchasing polyurethane foaming machine.

  Product characteristics of high-pressure foaming machine:

  1. The electrical device adopts microcomputer PLC and frequency conversion multi-function control device, which can independently control the temperature, control the time and quantity, and has a high degree of automation;

  2. Temperature equipment: firing temperature locking, automatic cold and hot constant temperature;

  3. Safety performance: fault self-inspection alarm;

  4. Mixing equipment: adopt a new type of L-shaped foam grab with self-cleaning check and anti-splash;

  5. Measuring device: adopt high-precision measuring standard, and the magnetic coupling will never leak.

  Product advantages of high-pressure foaming machine:

  1. One-click foaming is more convenient;

  2. L-shaped gun head is well mixed;

  3. PLC+intelligent frequency conversion;

  4. Fast cooling and heat exchange at constant temperature;

  5. The whole machine is cost-effective.

Price of high-pressure foaming machine

    Application of Fuleite polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine: widely used in refrigerator, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, ice maker, water heater, solar energy, anti-theft door, garage door, furniture, toys, building materials, engineering roof wall insulation, thermal insulation board, pipe insulation, automotive interior and exterior decoration, packaging and other industries.

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