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Polyurethane foaming equipment operation and purchase skills!


Polyurethane foaming machine is a special equipment for pouring foaming of polyurethane foam. 

As long as the performance index of polyurethane component raw material (isocyanate component and polyether polyol component) meets the formula requirements. 

Through this equipment, we can produce uniform and qualified foam products. 

It is prepared by chemical reaction foaming with polyether polyol and polyisocyanate in the presence of foaming agent, catalyst, emulsifier and other chemical additives. 

China heating net editor today for you to sort out the operation of polyurethane foaming machine to pay attention to the four matters and purchasing skills. 

Polyurethane foaming machine. 

Matters needing attention in the Operation of Polyurethane foaming Machine. 

1. Polyurethane foaming machine operation polyurethane group A, B materials must wear protective goggles, work clothes and caps, wear rubber gloves, the working environment must be well ventilated, clean and hygienic. 

When the ambient temperature is high, the pressure will be caused by the partial vaporization of the foaming agent in polyurethane A material, so the exhaust cover should be opened first and then the barrel cover should be opened. 

2. When the polyurethane foaming machine has flame retardant requirements for foam, the polyurethane foaming machine can use additive flame retardant, and the amount of ordinary flame retardant is 15% 20% of the weight of white material. 

Flame retardant adding polyurethane A must be stirred evenly before foaming. 

3. During the manual foaming operation of the polyurethane foaming machine, the polyurethane group A and group B are proportionally and accurately weighed and poured into the container at the same time. After stirring with a mixer of more than 2000 rpm for 8 to 10 seconds, 

Pouring into the mold foaming demoulding time depends on the product requirements, foam thickness and so on. 

4. When the skin comes into contact with the combined polyurethane A material, rinse with soap and water, and when the polyurethane foaming machine operates the polyurethane B material (with certain irritation), do not inhale its steam and do not splash on the skin and eyes. 

If splashed on the skin and eyes, wipe it off with medical cotton immediately, then rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes, then rinse with soap or alcohol. 

Selection and purchase skills of Polyurethane foaming Machine. 

1. Fully understand the types of foaming machines. 

The basic principle of polyurethane foaming machine is to introduce gas into the aqueous solution of foaming agent, but different types of foaming machines introduce gas in different ways. 

For example, the low speed stirring type introduces the gas by the slow rotating blade, the bubble yield is small and the foaming efficiency is low, and the high speed impeller is led by the high speed rotating impeller, the bubble diameter can not be controlled and the foam is uneven. 

The bubble formation rate of high pressure and medium and low pressure is fast, the bubble with high efficiency is uniform and fine. 

2. Basic parameters of polyurethane foaming machine: 

A. Production: production is the bubble volume, must be slightly higher than their own bubble volume 20%, to leave room for bubble production should be the following limit for the approved calculation and not the upper limit. 

B. Installed capacity of polyurethane foaming machine: installed capacity is the total installed power, which is of great significance to calculate the adaptability of electrical circuits to total electricity consumption. 

C, polyurethane foaming machine size and foam diameter range.

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