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The development trend of foaming machine industry!


Development trend of polyurethane foaming machine equipment industry: 

1. It integrates spraying and pouring, and has a wide range of applications. 

2. The mixing ratio of spraying and pouring is prepared and uniform, which greatly improves the product quality and saves more raw materials. 

3. The feed ratio can be adjusted to meet a variety of production needs; 

4. The heating system adopts intelligent temperature control and indirect heating to solve the problem of raw material deterioration caused by uneven heating and local high temperature heating. 

Polyurethane foaming machine. 

5. Small size, light weight, easy to move, suitable for on-site operation; 

6. The operation of the equipment is simple and can be constructed without professional personnel. 

7. Low failure rate, convenient maintenance and more time saving; 

8. Metering accuracy: using low-speed and high-precision metering pump, when the material temperature, pressure and viscosity fluctuate, the mixing ratio remains unchanged in order to achieve high quality rate; 

9. The castable head has the advantages of advanced structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and simple maintenance. 

10. Computer controlled pouring quantity and automatic cleaning. 

The application field of high pressure foaming machine is similar to that of rigid polyether polyurethane foam. When the product has high requirements for strength and temperature resistance, polyester rigid foam is more suitable. 

Such as radar radome sandwich materials, aircraft, ships on the three-layer structural materials, electrical appliances, instruments, equipment thermal insulation materials and shock-proof packaging materials. 

Throughout the world, the polyurethane foaming machine equipment industry in western developed countries has already entered a mature period of development and entered the stage of innovative research and development. 

With the rapid growth of the Asian market, many multinational chemical enterprises have transferred their business focus and R & D centers to the Asian and even Chinese markets, while the development of polyurethane foaming machine equipment market in the Middle East is still in its infancy. 

In the future, the development of China's polyurethane foaming machine equipment industry will be mainly driven by five aspects, namely, the total population, automobile industry, building energy saving, environmental protection requirements and leisure and entertainment industry. 

As a country with a large population in the world, China will also promote the development of polyurethane foaming machine equipment industry.

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Pu foaming machine


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