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Knowledge and application of polyurethane materials!


Polyurethane foaming machine material is the abbreviation of polycarbamate, English name is polyurethane, it is a kind of polymer material. Polyurethane is a new organic polymer material, which is known as the "fifth largest plastic". Because of its excellent properties, polyurethane is widely used in many fields of the national economy.The application fields of foaming machine products include light industry, chemical industry, electronics, textile, medical treatment, construction, building materials, automobile, national defense, aerospace, aviation and so on. 

Application of Furniture Industry. 
1. Paint, 2. Paint, 3. Adhesive, 4. Sofa, 5. Mattress, 6. Seat armrest. 
Application of household appliances. 
1. Electrical insulation paint 2. Wire and cable sheath 3. Refrigerators, freezers, disinfection cabinets, water heaters and other insulation layer 4. Washing machine electronic devices waterproof sealing glue. 
Application in construction industry. 
1. Sealant, 2. Adhesive, 3. Roof waterproof insulation layer, 4. Cold storage insulation, 5. Interior and exterior wall paint 6. Floor paint, 7. Synthetic wood, 8. Runway, 9. Waterproof plugging agent 10 plastic floor. 

Application in transportation industry. 
1. Aircraft, car interior accessories seat, armrest, head pillow, door interior panel, dashboard, steering wheel, bumper, shock absorber pad, fender 2. Carpet lining, paint 3. Insulation components, pipelines 4. Sealing gasket 5. Anti-skid chain. 
Application of shoes and Leather Industry. 
1. Inner and outer soles of shoes. Adhesive 3. Leather finishing agent 4. Artificial leather, synthetic leather coating. 
Application of Sports Industry. 
Plastic sports venues (including basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis courts, runway laying), sportswear (dance clothes, swimsuits, dance clothes); sports shoes, scooters.


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Pu foaming machine


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