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Introduction of several polyurethane materials!


Polyurethane sole material (Shoe Sole). 

Polyurethane sole has many advantages: low density, soft texture, comfortable and light to wear, good dimensional stability, long storage life, excellent wear resistance, bending resistance, excellent shock absorption and anti-skid performance, good temperature resistance. 

Good chemical resistance and so on. 

Polyurethane foaming machine is mostly used in the manufacture of high-grade leather shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes and so on. 

Polyurethane size. 

Divided into wet method and dry method, it is a kind of polymer solution system, the appearance is transparent or slightly turbid, the solid content is about (30-35)%, that is to say, (65-70)% is solvent. 

To put it simply, 1 ton of slurry contains (650-700) kg of solvent, which is so much toluene and butanone for the dry process. The amount of toluene is larger because the solubility of toluene is better. 

For wet method, it contains 650kg-700kg pure DMF, so for size, the change of the price of toluene and DMF has a great influence on the cost of slurry, because the proportion of dosage is very simple. 

Polyurethane size is used as coating to prepare polyurethane synthetic leather and artificial leather. 

Polyurethane equipment synthetic leather has the appearance of soft luster, natural, soft handle and strong sense of real leather, and has excellent mechanical properties, such as excellent adhesion with substrate, wear resistance, flexure resistance, aging resistance, mold resistance and so on. 

At the same time, it also has the advantages of good cold resistance, breathable, washable, convenient processing, low price and so on. It is the most ideal substitute for natural leather and is widely used in clothing, shoes, luggage, furniture, sports and other industries. 

All areas of leather applications, it can be replaced, but also can be applied to areas where leather can not be applied, the real leather market is easily affected by animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, etc., mad cow disease). 

Dry polyurethane size-in the process of application, the solvent in the slurry is evaporated by heating evaporation, most of the solvents are toluene and butanone, the evaporated solvent can not be recovered, not only pollute the environment, 

But also caused unnecessary waste. 

Wet polyurethane size-due to the water extraction of DMF (due to the infinite solubility of DMF and water), the synthetic leather is environmentally friendly, and the synthetic leather has good moisture permeability and air permeability. 

Feel soft, plump, light, more rich in the style and appearance of natural leather, so the speed of development is amazing. 

Polyurethane fiber (Spandex, for short). 

Excellent properties of spandex: outstanding high resilience, high resilience of spandex is unmatched by all elastic fibers at present, its elongation at break is more than 400%, can reach more than 800%, even when 300% tensile deformation, 

The springback rate is still more than 95%. 

Excellent tensile strength, tear strength; weather resistance, UV radiation resistance; chemical resistance, washing resistance; good affinity with dyes. 

Spandex has been widely used in textiles, is a new type of textile materials with high added value, which can be used in four main forms: bare silk, core-spun yarn, coated yarn and twisted yarn. 

For example, silk socks, swimsuits, dance clothes, lycra (pure cotton coated spandex filaments), clothing, etc., in traditional textiles, only less than 10% of spandex can be added to greatly improve the grade of traditional fabrics. 

Showing a soft, comfortable, beautiful, elegant style.

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