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High-quality manufacturing, efficient production, the foaming machine to make "White Fumei"!


In 2018, according to the market demand, the main products of Fret are divided into the following five series: 

(I) Polyurethane foaming machine series. 

(2) foaming mold base. 

(3) foaming production line. 

(IV) Raw material storage premixing. 

(v) Robot automation. 

(VI) main accessories. 

In 2018 we will inherit the dream of Fret, sail, stand at the top, and strive for the happy life of every Fret! 

White-cyclopentane foaming machine main color from blue to white. 

This year's polyurethane foaming machine to change the face, to temporarily new appearance to enter the market, as the saying goes: love at first sight, never forget! 

With the increasingly stringent requirements of the market for products, especially large enterprises, not only pay attention to the level of configuration, but also need beautiful products, is the so-called: out of the fine, can be on the hall of elegance! 

The engineer chose Toyota white as the main color of the polyurethane foaming machine, with red and yellow, slightly adjust the layout of the parts of the machine, boldly try, change the cold nature of the machine, who said that the machine can only cool the color system? 

Fret polyurethane foaming machine is alive, it can bring efficient productivity to customers, orders continue! 

As for what it looks like, Rong Xiaobian here to sell a good, please pay attention to the next issue: new products on the market, seconds line flowers! 

Rich-increase capital and improve quality. 

While many domestic enterprises are shouting to reduce costs and increase efficiency, Xu Hongwei, general manager of Fret, has gone up against the current: we want to increase capital and improve quality, and quality is the life of the enterprise! 

He explained: "Ben" is the "Ben" of machine parts, this "is not the other" Ben ". 

Accessories are the composition of machines, appropriately increase the cost of accessories, choose and purchase accessories from well-known brands at home and abroad, help to improve the performance of the machine, and then give full play to the compatibility of accessories from the aspect of software design to avoid extravagance and waste. 

In order to achieve a cost-effective win-win goal! 

Beauty-Intelligent Manufacturing. 

President Xi once said: this is the best time and the worst time! 

We want to set the best example in this most competitive era! 

Intelligent manufacturing is another big goal of Fret! 

Innovate traditional manufacturing, transform and upgrade in an all-round way, realize mechanical intelligence and automation, as long as the engineering project is handed over to Fret, we will provide you with highly integrated services: whether it is polyurethane foaming machine, 

Or intelligent assembly line, automatic mold base, polyurethane raw materials, even the development of new products. 

We are very familiar with the polyurethane market, with a huge system of resources, let Fret to bear the pressure for you, efficient cooperation! 

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Fuleite Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. 

Mobile phone: 18933370499

E-mail: fuleitejd@163.com

Web site: www.puflt.com

Add: Hongjian Industrial Park, Shenghui North Industrial Zone, Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. 34 Tongji west road