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FLT · Foaming equipment
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  • Circular foaming production line of heat p...

    Features and uses: Characteristics of production line1) Intelligent integration: the foaming production line of water tank insulation layer is designed and installed on a circular track, which is divided into water tank assembly area, foaming work area, foaming layer maturation area and finished product...
    Circular foaming production line of heat preservation water tank
  • Small polyurethane foaming machine

    Features and uses: Foaming machine features:1. Electrical control: the electrical control system mainly consists of Siemens PLC and Schneider accessories. Fully modular integrated control of all process flows, simple operation, intelligent and stable.2. Dual constant temperature control: the dual cooling...
    Small polyurethane foaming machine
  • Hebei truck foot pad polyurethane foaming ...

    Features and uses: Product usageSuitable for soft foam self-skinning polyurethane foam, mainly used in high-rebound/slow-rebound industries such as automobile/motorcycle/bicycle seat cushions, self-skinning, automotive steering wheels, pillows, mattresses, insoles, etc.Product parametersProduct...
    Hebei truck foot pad polyurethane foaming machine equipment
  • Floor heating board cyclopentane foaming m...

    Features and uses: Product advantages  This series of foaming models includes FLT.H-06/12/28/55. Cyclopentane is used as a new foaming agent for rigid polyurethane foam to replace chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS) which have a damaging effect on the atmospheric ozone layer. It has been widely used in the...
    Floor heating board cyclopentane foaming machine foaming equipment
  • Shanghai wine cooler two-component polyure...

    Features and uses: Product features Intelligent integration: It has intelligent production capacity, and can complete complex operation techniques in combination with intelligent assembly lines and intelligent robotic arms according to customer requirements. Flowmeter monitoring: Using high-precision...
    Shanghai wine cooler two-component polyurethane foaming machine
  • Three-component polyurethane high pressure...

    Features and uses: Product usage Used in car seat cushions, memory headrests, motorcycle seat cushions, bicycle saddles, office seats, car armrests, child safety seats and other fields.Product principle The three-component, multi-component polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine is a machine that...
    Three-component polyurethane high pressure foaming machine equipment
  • Small integrated wall polyurethane foaming...

    Features and uses: Features FLT350T series polyurethane foaming machine adopts PLC computer and frequency conversion control device, can realize 2 groups of independent temperature control, 10 kinds of spray irrigation timing and quantitative control, gun temperature lock, automatic alarm for material...
    Small integrated wall polyurethane foaming machine equipment
  • Small mattress soft foam polyurethane pour...

    Features and uses: 1)In operation, the PU liquid is poured into the mold of the product to be processed through a specific machine. 2)The three-axis linkage system can realize fully automated operation. 3)Using PLC computer programming control, infusion according to the programmed control path, and...
    Small mattress soft foam polyurethane pouring machine equipment
  • Hebei Medical Self-priming Leather Polyure...

    Features and uses: Product Usage  Mainly used in high-resilience/slow-resilience industries such as automobile/motorcycle/bicycle cushions, self-skinning, automobile steering wheels, pillows, etc.Product advantage  Intelligent integration:with intelligent production capacity, according to customer...
    Hebei Medical Self-priming Leather Polyurethane Foaming Equipment
  • Vaccine incubator cyclopentane foaming equ...

    Features and uses: Product advantage:  This series of foaming machine has FLT.H-06/12/28/55, cyclopentane as a new foaming agent for rigid polyurethane foam, which is used to replace (CFCS), which can destroy the atmospheric ozone layer. Now it has been widely used in the production of fluorine-free...
    Vaccine incubator cyclopentane foaming equipment
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FLT 一 Ingenuity quality,core advantage
Direct sales by manufacturers, rapid delivery, life-long maintenance
Focus on 20 years

The company has a group of outstanding software engineers and mechanical designers, focusing on polyurethane automation equipment R & D and transformation for 20 years! The equipment applies Siemens series polyurethane high pressure foaming system! 

Our products are not only all over the country, but also exported to Russia, Germany, France, Bangladesh, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and other 15 countries.

One-stop customization

Provide a full range of housekeeping one-stop service, with a complete polyurethane foam supply chain, Created the environmental protection production process of polyurethane / cyclopentane foaming machine, assembly line supply, automatic foaming mold and intelligent robot arm and other integrated polyurethane customization system!

Polyurethane foaming machine

Pu foaming machine

After-sale service

Fuleite polyurethane related products are subdivided into cyclopentane / thermal insulation filling / soft foam self-crusting high and slow rebound / wood imitation and other professional equipment suitable for many industries; 

Fuleite foaming machine is compatible and has been widely used in soft / hard foam industry.

Affordable, worry-free after sales

Fuleite mechanical and electrical to ensure quality at the same time, optimize costs, environmental protection and energy saving, reduce cost and efficiency, so that users save time, labor and materials!

The company has a number of service centers throughout the country, free of charge to assist in installation, new machine debugging, training operations, really achieve "door-to-door service."

Successful cases create Golden word of mouth in various Industries

Many years of industry experience, cases at home and abroad, favored by the majority of new and old customers!

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Examples of electrical industry

Examples of electrical industry

Fuleite polyurethane high pressure foaming machine has been widely used in refrigerator freezer, ...more+
Foot pad case

Foot pad case

The application of Fuleite polyurethane high pressure soft foam foaming equipment in automobile f...more+
American car seat customer

American car seat customer

The application of Fuleite foaming equipment in the automobile field includes the production appl...more+
FLT Recognized by international customers
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  • Russian freezer...
    FLT polyurethane foaming machine has been widely used in refrigerator freezer, disinfection cabinet, ice maker, water heater, solar energy...
  • American car seat...
    The application of FLT foaming equipment in automobile field includes automobile roof, skylight edge, windshield, edge wrap...
  • Bengal freezer...
    FLT polyurethane foaming machine has been widely used in refrigerator freezer, disinfection cabinet, ice maker, water heater, solar energy...
  • Peruvian...
    FLT polyurethane wood-like foaming machine has been widely used in wood-imitating smallpox, flowers, decorative ceiling, frame picture...
Cooperation between well-known domestic enterprises
Thank you to the following customers for their long-standing recognition and support of Fuleite

Polyurethane foaming machine

Polyurethane foaming machine

About Fuleite
Create a pioneer in the industry and create excellent quality

Guangdong Fuleite Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, is a research and development, production, sales, after-sales service in one of the polyurethane foam equipment production enterprises. The company has strong R & D, production strength, products are exported to 15 countries at home and abroad. We have specially hired a group of outstanding software engineers and mechanical designers to absorb the advantages of foreign high-pressure foaming machines such as Conlong, Italy, and focus on automatic research and...

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    The company's equipment has successfully developed Siemens series polyurethane high pressure foaming system with high technology. PLC control program is intelligent, intelligent compensation, automatic conversion of flow ratio, so that the proportion of raw materials is accurately controlled, and the injection accuracy is accurate to "g". Do not imbalance, reduce defective and bad products, avoid the waste of raw materials! At the same time, fault self-test alarm, one-click completion, improve the previous complex process operation and maintenance links, operation and maintenance is more simple!

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    Every polyurethane project, we strictly follow the operation process!
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    • Principle and use... Three component polyurethane high pressure foaming machine is of two kinds of...
    • Do you know the... The foaming material is mixed and injected into the insulation cavity or...
    • What is the... Hydraulic foaming platform.The use of equipment: thermal insulation pipe,...
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    • What are the main... What are the main types of polyurethane equipment?Polyurethane equipment has...
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    Pu foaming machine


    Pu foaming machine


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