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Circular foaming production line of heat preservation water tank


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Characteristics of production line

1) Intelligent integration: the foaming production line of water tank insulation layer is designed and installed on a circular track, which is divided into water tank assembly area, foaming work area, foaming layer maturation area and finished product unloading area, forming an automatic production line.

2) Exquisite design: the production line is equipped with an electric control mechanism and a foaming agent injection mechanism for the water tank insulation layer. The circular track of the production line is equipped with a water tank conveying mechanism and a positioning locking mechanism. The circular track is equipped with a foaming workbench and a foaming layer curing room. The middle of the foaming workbench is equipped with a working channel. The side above the workbench is equipped with a fixed track. The fixed track is movably equipped with a support, A movable control mechanism of the injection head is installed on the support, and a movable connecting mechanism of the control wire and the infusion pipe is installed on the top of the foaming workbench.

3) Improve efficiency: the production line can effectively improve the automatic production level of foaming of water tank insulation layer, so as to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, save production raw materials, reduce labor intensity and reduce production cost.

Application of foaming line:

It is used to produce insulation water tank, floor heating ceramic tile, decorative insulation board, cold storage board, background wall decorative board polyurethane foam, etc., to realize the automation of foam production, and the application of robots to realize the impersonation of foam.


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