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Small polyurethane foaming machine


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  • Release date:2022-06-25
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Foaming machine features:

1. Electrical control: the electrical control system mainly consists of Siemens PLC and Schneider accessories. Fully modular integrated control of all process flows, simple operation, intelligent and stable.

2. Dual constant temperature control: the dual cooling and heating integrated machine is used, together with the cold and heat exchanger, to ensure that the original temperature is constant, and the error is less than 2 ℃, so as to improve the foaming quality of the product.

3. Fault self inspection and early warning system: the system can give early warning in advance, so as to timely adjust relevant parameters and avoid the occurrence of defective products.

4. Mixing device: adopt self-cleaning / check / splash proof point / new V-type (realizing 3-time mixing function) foaming gun, with beautiful structure and convenient operation With Siemens polyurethane special pump, the injection is accurate and the mixing effect is good.

Use of foaming machine:




Mixing ratio

A(Polyether polyol)




B (Isocyanate)




Foaming machine parameters:


Application of foaming machine:

Application: it is used for foaming polyurethane products of insulation and filling, such as floor heating board, aircraft small table board, integrated wall board, cold storage board, insulation board, insulation box, insulation water tank, water heater, kitchen board, rice steamer, etc.


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