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Shanghai wine cooler two-component polyurethane foaming machine


  • category:Heat preservation and filling polyurethane foaming machine
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  • Release date:2022-03-26
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Product features
      Intelligent integration: It has intelligent production capacity, and can complete complex operation techniques in combination with intelligent assembly lines and intelligent robotic arms according to customer requirements.      

      Flowmeter monitoring: Using high-precision pulse measuring device, the flowmeter, frequency converter and PLC control system can monitor each other to achieve closed-loop control and ensure that the measuring accuracy is less than or equal to 1%.

      Electrical control: It adopts reliable quality configuration, based on Siemens PLC and Schneider accessories.

      Mixing device: This system adopts self-cleaning/anti-reverse/anti-splash sticking/new V-type (achieves 3 mixing functions) foaming gun, with beautiful structure and convenient operation. With Siemens polyurethane special pump, the injection is accurate and the mixing effect is very good.

      Dual constant temperature control: It adopts dual cooling and heating integrated machines, cooperates with cooling and heat exchangers, and interacts with circulation to ensure constant temperature of raw materials, with an error of <±2°C.

      Double touch screen visualization: operation is more convenient and quick, highlighting humanization.

Product parameters

Thermal insulation polyurethane foaming machine

Product applications

      This series of high pressure foaming machines are suitable for PU products filled with polyurethane thermal insulation, such as: thermal insulation water tanks, kitchen door panels, thermal insulation boxes, integrated walls, floor heating panels, vending machines and other PU foaming.发泡应用

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