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Small mattress soft foam polyurethane pouring machine equipment


  • category:Soft foam self-skinning polyurethane foaming machine
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  • Release date:2021-11-19
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      1)In operation, the PU liquid is poured into the mold of the product to be processed through a specific machine.

      2)The three-axis linkage system can realize fully automated operation.

      3)Using PLC computer programming control, infusion according to the programmed control path, and customization of functions according to different needs.

      4)The speed and time of perfusion can be set by yourself, which is convenient, flexible and efficient.

      5)The total flow during continuous work can be adjusted at any time, or linked with the speed of the assembly line.

      6)The moving mechanism is digitized in the whole process, optimizing the discharging distribution and reducing mechanical wear.

      7)The quantitative transmission system is highly compatible and adapts to the raw materials of different manufacturers.

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