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Full set of customized child seat polyurethane casting machine disc line


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  • Release date:2021-11-24
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Product Usage:

       The large-scale automatic turntable production line independently developed by Fuleite can realize continuous, multi-station and fully automated production, which is mainly used in the production of polyurethane foam for car seat cushions, motorcycle cushions, fitness equipment, and foot pads.

Product Features:

       (1)High degree of automation: The production line can be completed by two people, with high output and fast speed. The production line is mainly equipped with: host computer, code scanning and reading system, automatic mold base, robot, variable ratio foaming machine, pre-mixing station, vacuum foam breaking machine, etc. Each equipment is connected by the system, with automatic correction and alarm And other functions;

       (2)Intelligent recognition station: The turntable production line uses encoders and inverters to control the speed of the turntable for closed-loop control to achieve constant speed operation, which provides accurate position guarantee for the robot's non-stop work. Recognize and transmit the data to the robot and foaming machine, so as to realize the selection of product path and station injection volume;

       (3)Intelligent perfusion: FLT-12G variable ratio foaming machine has functions such as ratio, station, flow, injection volume, product quantity, etc. The system uses the latest software algorithm to perform closed-loop control of the injection through the German Klacht high-precision flowmeter , To achieve the correction of the total amount of injection;

       (4)Automatic compensation of raw materials: FLT-12M pre-mixing station is used in conjunction with the foaming machine. When the material level of the foaming machine is low, the pre-mixing station will automatically replenish materials, so as to ensure that the foaming machine works continuously for 24 hours and improve work efficiency.

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