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Jiangsu soft foam pillow self-skinning pu foam turntable line


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  • Release date:2021-06-01
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Product use:

       Mainly used for the batch production of polyurethane products foaming: high rebound, slow rebound, hard foam and filled PU products foaming, such as motorcycle cushion, car cushion foaming, steering wheel foaming, refrigerator box, imitation wood furniture and other PU foaming, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, saving space.

Product characteristics:

       1. The structure is firm: the turntable is made of ladder-shaped frame. The ladder-shaped frame is mainly welded by 1mm and 1mm channel steel (national standard), and is equipped with load-bearing wheels, which is composed of high-quality bearings in the outer steel sleeve, which makes the turntable run more smoothly, mute design, long-lasting use, and save labor.

       2. Reliable rotation accuracy: the main structure frame of the turntable line uses national standard I-steel, closed structure, and the disk surface is smooth and undeformed. The bottom of the center bearing seat is loaded by thrust bearings, and the tapered roller bearings are positioned to ensure the accuracy and reliability of rotation.

       3. Humanized customization: the diameter of the turntable production line is customized according to the distance between the customer's workshops and the number of moulds.

       4. Follow-up device: water, electricity and gas follow-up devices are arranged inside the turntable, which can continuously supply the water and electricity needed by the mold.

       5. High degree of automation: turntable power and electronic control system can control turntable speed and fixed point, positioning start and stop at will, with a high degree of automation.

       6. Intelligent perfusion: the electric control system of the turntable can connect external equipment (foaming machine, robot, automatic mold base, etc.) to realize intelligent and efficient perfusion.

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