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Incubator cyclopentane high pressure foaming machine equipment


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Product advantage

This series of foaming machine has FLT.H-06/12/28/55, cyclopentane as a new foaming agent for rigid polyurethane foam, which is used to replace (CFCS), which can destroy the atmospheric ozone layer. Now it has been widely used in the production of fluorine-free refrigerator, freezer industry, cold storage, pipeline insulation and other fields. 

Fluorine-free foaming and cyclopentane safety testing, alarm and handling systems make the use of cyclopentane foaming machines safer and more reliable. As the ban on ODS in conventions such as Montreal approaches, CFCr and HCFCs products will soon be banned and cyclopentane will become a protagonist in the field of polyurethane foaming agents. 

Therefore, cyclopentane foaming machine is widely used to meet market demand and comply with the trend of environmental protection. 

Equipped with Siemens PLC+ double frequency conversion multi-function safety device, 38 intelligent self-test protection points, independent anti-static room, automatic recognition system of alkane concentration level, automatic 2mur3-level exhaust system, Siemens explosion-proof motor, independent ground guide device, gun lead electrostatic export device, etc., external 2 groups of independent comparison constant temperature, 12cm 100 kinds of sprinkler irrigation timing quantitative control, firing temperature lock, fault self-check alarm, etc. 

The system adopts self-cleaning / anti-reverse / anti-splashing and sticking / new V-shaped foaming gun (realizing three mixing functions), which has beautiful structure and convenient operation. 

According to the actual situation of customers, we can also use one machine with two guns, automatic switching between two guns, frequency conversion, energy saving, free application, tailor-made foaming system for customers. 

Automatic balance, automatic adjustment of discharge capacity, intelligent compensation.

Product use

Flt double gun cyclopentane foaming machine is suitable for cyclopentane materials. 

It is mainly used in automatic vending cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, kitchen cabinets, air energy, solar energy, water heaters, cigar cabinets, wine cabinets, cut plates, air-conditioning boards, household doors, shutter doors, hard bubble doors and windows, garage doors, cake cabinets, freezers, fresh-keeping boxes, water tanks, buckets, prefabricated directly buried heating pipes and other sandwich filled series of cyclopentane foaming.

Summary on the Application of Polyurethane High pressure foaming Machine

Application field of soft foam foaming machine (FLT.R): sofa headrest, mattress, toy, seat, steering wheel, filter seal, cushioning packaging, etc. 

Application field of wood-like foaming machine (FLT.M): architectural decoration, wood-like lines, wood-like furniture, wood-like flower windows, Roman posts, lamp posts, wood-like handicrafts, car bumpers, fenders, sports and medical supplies, etc.; 

Application field of thermal insulation foaming machine (FLT.B): floor heating board, incubator, refrigerator freezer, disinfection cabinet, water heater, solar energy, engineering roof wall, kitchen cabinet, commercial display cabinet, wine cabinet, etc. 

Cyclopentane foaming machine application field (FLT.H): general-purpose environment-friendly foaming equipment.

Product parameters

Incubator cyclopentane high pressure foaming machine equipment

Incubator cyclopentane high pressure foaming machine equipment

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