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A new type of environment-friendly cyclopentane foaming machine


  • category:Cyclopentane high pressure foaming machine
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  • Release date:2021-06-01
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Product advantage  
  This series of foaming machines have FLT.H-06/12/28/55, cyclopentane as a new blowing agent for rigid polyurethane foam to replace (CFCS), which destroys the atmospheric ozone layer. Now it has been widely used in the production of fluorine-free refrigerators, freezer industry, cold storage, pipeline insulation and other fields.Fluorine-free foaming and cyclopentane safety testing, alarm and processing systems make the use of cyclopentane foaming machines safer and more reliable. With the deadline for banning ODS under Montreal and other conventions approaching, CFCr and HCFCs products will soon be banned. Cyclopentane will become the protagonist in the field of polyurethane blowing agent. Therefore, cyclopentane foaming machine is widely used to meet the market demand and comply with the trend of environmental protection.

  Automatic balance, automatic adjustment of material output, intelligent compensation.

Product parameters

Sterilizer cyclopentane foaming Machine

A New Type of Environmental Protection Cyclopentane foaming Machine

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