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Soft foam seat high pressure foaming machine


  • category:Soft foam self-skinning polyurethane foaming machine
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  • Release date:2020-09-09
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Product advantage

  Intelligent integration: with intelligent production capacity, according to customer requirements combined with intelligent assembly line, intelligent manipulator and other complex operation skills. 

  Flowmeter monitoring: the use of high-precision pulse measurement device, so that the flow meter, frequency converter, PLC control system to monitor each other, to achieve closed-loop control, to ensure that the measurement accuracy ≤ 1%.

  Electrical control: the use of reliable quality configuration, Siemens PLC, Schneider accessories as the main basis.

  Mixing device: the system adopts self-cleaning / reverse-stopping / splash-proof sticky / new V-type foaming gun (to realize 3 times mixing function), which has beautiful structure and convenient operation. With Siemens polyurethane special pump, the injection is accurate, the mixing effect is very good.

  Double constant temperature control: the use of double cold and hot integrated machine, with cold and heat exchanger, interactive cycle to ensure that the raw material temperature is constant, the error is less than ±2 ℃.

  Dual touch screen visualization: the operation is more convenient and fast, highlighting the humanization.

Product parameters

Soft foam seat high pressure foaming machine

Soft foam seat high pressure foaming machine

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