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Why is the Fuleite Foaming Machine becoming more and more popular?


Nowadays, polyurethane high-pressure foaming machines are becoming more and more popular. Why are Fuleite polyurethane high-pressure foaming machines particularly popular? This is very important to Fuleite's technological innovation. The use of Fuleite's polyurethane foaming machines and production lines can not only meet the needs of enterprises requirements, and it is more convenient to use. Today, let's take a look at the characteristics of Fuleite's polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine.


1. The mixing effect is good. When two-component materials are mixed, high-pressure jetting and impact mixing are used to mix the materials with high uniformity.

2. No residue, no cleaning agent. Because the mixing chamber is a cylinder and a piston structure. When the two-component material is mixed in the cylinder, the piston is automatically pressed down to remove the residual material. Of course, this requires higher matching accuracy and material of the cylinder and piston.

3. The manufacturing cost is high, and the high-pressure foaming machine material circulation pressure is generally 10~15MPa. This high-pressure system has a higher cost than the low-pressure machine.

4. When the high-pressure foaming machine is working, the high-low pressure switching valve cuts off the low-pressure circuit. At the same time, the spray gun head cuts off the high-pressure circuit, and the high-pressure material is injected into the mixing chamber through the needle valve. When the high-pressure foaming machine does not work, the low-pressure circuit works and unloads. The spraying, mixing and cleaning adopts the structure of large and small pistons and oil cylinders, and the work is controlled by the hydraulic station and the reversing valve.

5. The control of the high-pressure foaming machine gun head is controlled by a hydraulic system. In the high-pressure foaming machine, the control of the high-low pressure switching valve, the measuring valve (proportion and flow), and the pressure of the material tank adopts pneumatic control. The temperature of the material in the high-pressure foaming machine is controlled by a cold heat exchanger.

6. Intelligent, using Siemens PLC + double frequency conversion multi-function safety device, 38 intelligent self-checking protection points, storing 80 recipes, high degree of automation.

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