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Zhongshan citys largest auto parts enterprises adopt Foamed production line


Zhongshan city a large auto parts enterprise is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of auto interior and exterior decoration parts. The company has perfect parts manufacturing process, can provide customers with professional integrated solutions. Main end customers include auto parts: GAC Trumpchi, Changan Ford, BYD, etc. Electronic and electrical customers: Huawei, ZTE, ABB, SONY, VIVO, OPPO, Changhong, Xiaomi, etc. Main products: plastic moulds for automobile interior and exterior decoration parts, finished products for injection molding, plastic surface painting products, leather covering products for automobile seats and electronic and electrical hardware stamping products. Automobile customers all over China, Japan, Britain and other European and American countries. After field investigation, the purchaser of the department visited The auto industry customer manufacturers of Fuleite, comprehensive comparison of Fuleite polyurethane foaming machine, high pressure foaming machine, cyclopentane foaming machine, foaming mold, foaming production line, both in product quality and service are slightly better than their counterparts. After layer upon layer of screening, we finally selected the Guangdong Fuleite polyurethane foaming equipment.


Guangdong Fuleite Mechanical and electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenghui North Industrial Zone, Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, is a set of research and development, production, sales, after-sales service in one of the polyurethane machinery automation production enterprises. We research and manufacture all kinds of polyurethane pouring machine, polyurethane foam high pressure foaming machine, automatic production line (suspension lines to foam foaming line/ground rail/wheel, etc.), automatic foaming mold mold frame, the polyurethane foam of complete sets of equipment, such as mechanical arm to help thousands of polyurethane products production enterprise users to "high rate of good products, low equipment fault rate.

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Fuleite Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. 

Mobile phone: 18948898927

E-mail: fuleitejd@163.com

Web site: www.puflt.com

Add: Hongjian Industrial Park, Shenghui North Industrial Zone, Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. 34 Tongji west road