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Polyurethane high pressure foaming machine for insulation layer of water heater


During the production of electric water heater, in order to reduce the heat loss and improve the thermal insulation performance of the product, polyurethane foam material is filled between the shell and the inner liner of the water heater to heat the hot water in the inner liner. In the prior art, the foaming process used is to place the simplified water heater vertically with the flange opening of the water heater shell facing upwards, and fill the foaming material from this point.



However, the greater factor affecting the thermal conductivity of the insulation layer is actually the density of the foam material. The relation between the thermal conductivity and density of polyurethane foaming material is a curve. The thermal conductivity of foaming material is the smallest. No matter the density increases or decreases, the thermal conductivity will increase. This is because when the density of micropores is larger, the gas is not easy to diffuse. The greater the density, the smaller the aperture, the micropores are close to the micropores, the heat transfer becomes faster, and the thermal conductivity increases; When the density decreases, the proportion of open pores increases, leading to the increase of thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity directly affects the thermal insulation performance of the product. According to the curve relationship between foaming density and thermal conductivity, it is very key to control the density of foaming material in the process of polyurethane foaming material injection. In the process of filling, the shorter the flow stroke of foaming material, mainly in the upper and lower direction, the smaller the range of density change, the easier to control the size of density.

Guangdong Fate Mechanical and electrical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on 20 years of research on polyurethane water heater foaming machine. We research and manufacture all kinds of polyurethane foam casting machine, polyurethane foaming machine, automatic production line (suspension line/trajectory/disk line, etc.), automatic foaming mold mold frame, the polyurethane foam of complete sets of equipment, such as mechanical arm to help thousands of polyurethane products production enterprise users to "high rate of good products, low equipment fault rate.


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Mobile phone: 18948898927

E-mail: fuleitejd@163.com

Web site: www.puflt.com

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