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Basic knowledge of polyurethane rigid foam and polyurethane soft foam


Basic knowledge of polyurethane rigid foam.

Rigid polyurethane foam, referred to as rigid polyurethane foam, is second only to soft polyurethane foam in the amount of polyurethane products.

Polyurethane rigid foam is mostly closed-cell structure, with good thermal insulation, light weight, high specific strength, convenient construction and other excellent characteristics, but also has the characteristics of sound insulation, shockproof, electrical insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance, solvent resistance and so on. widely used in refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated cars and other thermal insulation materials, buildings, storage tanks and pipe insulation materials, a small amount of used in non-adiabatic situations, such as imitation wood, packaging materials and so on. Generally speaking, low-density polyurethane foams are mainly used as thermal insulation materials, while higher-density polyurethane rigid foams can be used as structural materials (imitation wood).

Polyurethane rigid foam is generally foamed at room temperature, and the molding process is relatively simple. According to the degree of mechanization of construction, it can be divided into manual foaming and mechanical foaming; according to the pressure of foaming, it can be divided into high pressure foaming and low pressure foaming; according to the molding method, it can be divided into pouring foaming and spraying foaming.

The main uses of rigid polyurethane foam are as follows:

1. Food and other industry refrigeration equipment: such as refrigerators, freezers, freezers, refrigerated cars, etc. Polyurethane rigid foam is the most ideal thermal insulation material for refrigeration equipment.

2. Thermal insulation of industrial equipment: such as storage tanks, pipes, etc.

3. Building materials: in developed countries in Europe and the United States, polyurethane rigid foam for construction accounts for about half of the total consumption of rigid foam, which is more than double the amount of hard foam such as refrigerator and freezer; in China, the application of rigid foam in the construction industry is not as common as in western developed countries, so the potential for development is very great.

Polyurethane foamed products

4. Transportation: such as car canopy, interior decoration, etc.

5, imitation wood: high-density (density 300~700kg/m3) polyurethane rigid foam or glass fiber reinforced rigid foam is a structural foam, also known as imitation wood, which has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, compact and tough crust, simple molding process, high production efficiency, etc., the strength can be higher than natural wood, and the density can be lower than natural wood, which can be used as all kinds of high-end products instead of wood.

6. Filling and sealing materials, and so on.

Basic knowledge of polyurethane flexible foam.

Flexible polyurethane foam, referred to as flexible polyurethane foam, is a kind of flexible polyurethane foam with certain elasticity, and it is a kind of polyurethane product with large consumption in polyurethane products.

Polyurethane soft foam is mostly porous structure, with low density, good elastic recovery, sound absorption, air permeability, heat preservation and other properties, mainly used as furniture cushion materials, mattresses, vehicle seat cushions and other cushion materials. soft foams are also used as filter materials, sound insulation materials, shockproof materials, decoration materials, packaging materials and heat insulation materials in industry and civil use.

According to the degree of softness and hardness, that is, the load resistance, polyurethane soft foam can be divided into ordinary soft foam, ultra-soft foam, high load-bearing soft foam, high resilience soft foam, etc., in which high resilience soft foam and high load-bearing soft foam are generally used to make seat mattresses and mattresses. According to the different production process, polyurethane soft foam can be divided into block soft foam and molded soft foam, which is produced by continuous process and then cut into the desired shape. Molded soft foam is a foam product in which the raw materials are directly mixed by the gap process and injected into the mold to foaming into the desired shape.

The main uses of flexible polyurethane foams include the following:

Cushion materials: such as seats, sofas, mattresses, etc., polyurethane soft foam is a very ideal cushion material, cushion material is also a large amount of soft foam applications.

Sound absorbing material: perforated polyurethane soft foam has good sound absorption and shock absorption function and can be used as indoor sound insulation material.

Fabric composite materials: toys, etc.

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