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What is the regional distribution pattern of polyurethane production?


The regional distribution pattern of polyurethane production will form six plates. 

In recent years, due to the superior performance of polyurethane foaming machine and the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, its application scale will continue to expand, the market demand will also continue to increase, the production capacity of polyurethane in China will continue to expand, and the output of polyurethane products (PU) in China will increase rapidly. 

In 2017, China's polyurethane production has reached 11.89 million tons, maintaining an annual compound growth rate of 7.28 percent. The output is only behind the three major synthetic materials (PP, PVC, PE). 

According to the production capacity of the two most important raw materials upstream, the production capacity of China's MDI in 2017 is 3.43 million tons / year, and that of China's TDI is 840000 tons / year. 

It is estimated that in 2018, the output of polyurethane products in China will exceed 13 million tons. 

At present, the regional distribution pattern of PU in China has gradually formed four major plates: first, the Yangtze River Delta region with Shanghai as the center, where polyurethane raw materials and their products have accounted for half of the country; 

The second is the Pearl River Delta region with Guangzhou as the center, which is a more developed area of domestic polyurethane products and foreign trade. 

Third, Huludao as the center of the Bohai Sea and Northeast China, where the best advantages are strong chemical foundation, grand industrial planning, polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine products variety, large output; 

Fourth, Lanzhou as the center of the northwest region, will form the downstream polyurethane product industry chain. 

In the future, the regional distribution pattern of domestic polyurethane production will change, gradually forming six plates and adding two plates on the basis of the present. One is the southwest region with Chongqing as the center, where there are rich chemical material resources; 

The other is Quanzhou as the center of the west coast of the Taiwan Strait, this region is currently one of the most active areas of domestic polyurethane footwear industry and foreign trade processing. 

In polyurethane products, foam consumption is huge. 

With the rapid development of national economy, the scale of polyurethane consumption in China is also increasing rapidly. 

The consumption of polyurethane products in China reached 11.1 million tons in 2017, an increase of about 6 per cent over 2016. 

At present, the output of building materials, spandex, synthetic leather and automobile in China ranks first in the world. The new policy of building energy saving and the promotion of waterborne coatings have brought great market opportunities for the polyurethane industry. 

It is expected that the total consumption of polyurethane in China will reach 13 million tons in 2018. 

In 2017, polyurethane foam, synthetic leather size and coating accounted for 39.19%, 17.12% and 16.09% respectively, while other products accounted for less than 10%.

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