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Summary of the Development of Polyurethane Industry in 2018-2019!


Overview of the Development of Polyurethane Industry. 

China's polyurethane foaming machine industry started with the production of polyurethane raw materials: at the end of 1950s, a small-scale production base of triphenylmethane and triisocyanate was established in Dalian, which was mainly used as adhesive. 

In the 1960s, MDI and TDI raw material production enterprises with a capacity of 500t / a were established in Dalian, Changzhou and Taiyuan respectively. 

Introduction of advanced isocyanate technologies and devices from abroad: between 1984 and 1994, 

While Tianjin Petrochemical Plant No. 3, Jinxi Chemical Plant, Jiujiang Chemical Plant and Shandong Dongda Chemical Industry introduced polyether polyol production units and products production technology from Japan, the state has also adopted the support of scientific and technological projects such as the "Seventh five-year Plan" and "eighth five-year Plan". 

The production technology of high pressure reaction injection molding machine (RIM) and high rebound cold ripening foam was developed step by step. 

Rapid development of polyurethane industry: after the 1990s, Wuhan Light Industry Machinery Factory introduced the polyurethane high pressure foaming equipment technology of Elastogran Company of BASF Group of Germany, and adopted the license method to produce all kinds of polyurethane high pressure foaming machines and complete sets of production lines. 

Thus putting an end to the long-term history of relying on imports of such equipment in our country. 

Up to now, the polyurethane industry has developed rapidly from simple box foaming to the production of all kinds of soft and hard foam products with automatic production line. 

At this time, the number of units engaged in the production of polyurethane raw materials, products, equipment manufacturing, scientific research and development increased to more than 2000, with an annual output of more than 1 million tons of raw materials and more than 6000 sets of polyurethane equipment and production lines. 

The explosive period of polyurethane raw material production: in the 21st century, the raw material production level of polyurethane industry in China has been continuously improved. In 2004, the annual production capacity of MDI in China was only 200000 tons of Wanhua Chemical (600309). By 2019, the production capacity of MDI has increased to 3.43 million tons. 

It is estimated that by 2018, the total production capacity of China's MDI will reach 3.75 million tons / year, firmly in the forefront of the world. 

Not only the output of other kinds of raw materials of MDI, polyurethane has increased rapidly. 

Thus it can be seen that the output of polyurethane raw materials is growing rapidly.

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