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What are the advantages and disadvantages of high pressure foaming machine and low pressure foaming machine?


Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between high pressure foaming machine and low pressure foaming machine: 

Foaming machine can be divided into low pressure foaming machine and high pressure foaming machine. 

The low pressure foaming machine conveys component A (isocyanate) and component B (polyol + foaming agent + catalyst + other auxiliary materials) to the mixing chamber of the pouring head through a metering pump, and then injected into the foaming mold after stirring. 

Its disadvantage is that after each pouring, the mixing room should wash the residue with solvent, waste solvent and pollute the environment, but the investment of equipment is low. 

The high pressure foaming machine is a mixing chamber in which A and B components are fed into the high pressure castable by high pressure pump, and then mixed instantly under 15~18MPa high pressure and then poured into the mold to form foaming. 

Its advantage is that the mixture is uniform and does not need to be cleaned with solvent, but the equipment investment is high. 

High pressure foaming machine: 


It's expensive. It's more expensive. 


Precision in making. 


The mixing efficiency is good, the foam cell structure is stable and uniform, and the insulation performance is good. 


Strong mixing by mixing chamber pressure of 120~200bar. 


After pouring, no residual material will be left in the mixing head, and the surroundings will always be clean. 


Because there is no residual material and the foam quality is good, the use of raw liquid will be saved (about 5% to 10%). 


Easy to manage and start, the surroundings are always clean. 


The quality of the product is excellent. 


Because of the good mixing efficiency, late foaming will not occur. 


There is no environmental pollution. 


Good durability. 

High pressure foaming machine uses: 

GZ (Y) series high pressure foaming machine is a special equipment for pouring and foaming polyurethane foam. 

As long as the raw materials of polyurethane-isocyanate component and polyether polyol component-performance index meet the formula requirements, through the equipment measurement, mixing, injection, can produce uniform, qualified foam products. 

High pressure foaming machine performance: 

This machine uses self-cleaning mixing head to complete material mixing and quantitative injection, so after each mixing and injection, it can remove the residual mixture in the mixing cavity without solvent cleaning. 

Foaming per ton of raw materials under the same conditions than low-pressure foaming machine more than 3-4 cubic meters. 

The mixing head ensures a service life of more than 300000 times.

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