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Hubei Polyurethane Motorcycle cushion Molding and foaming Machine


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  • Release date:2021-06-01
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Product use:

Fret foaming equipment in the application of soft foam self-skinning includes car ceiling, sunroof flanging, self-skinning steering wheel, seats, headrest and exterior decoration, car cushions, motorcycle cushions, bicycle cushions, office chairs, armrests and other production applications, can provide customers with dedicated high-pressure foaming machine, foaming mold and production line, mechanical arm and so on.


Product process characteristics and advantages:
In order to avoid the increase in cost and decrease in efficiency caused by the sewing leather sleeve preforming process, vacuum integrated molding is gradually developed in the foaming technology, in which the leather is put into the mold and the skin is attached to the mold by vacuum adsorption. then the sponge is injected into the mold with the skin, and the mold is solidified.

Compared with the foaming process, the vacuum integrated molding process avoids the process of sewing leather cover in complex modeling, and improves the efficiency, but the mold structure is complex, there are certain restrictions on the seat cushion modeling, and the modeling features can not make the leather elongation too large. Otherwise, there will be problems such as product deformation, production efficiency reduction and so on.


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