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Basic knowledge of polyurethane flexible foam.

Flexible polyurethane foam, referred to as flexible polyurethane foam, is a kind of flexible polyurethane foam with certain elasticity, and it is a kind of polyurethane product with the largest amount of polyurethane products.

Polyurethane soft foam is mostly porous structure, with low density, good elastic recovery, sound absorption, air permeability, heat preservation and other properties, mainly used as furniture cushion materials, mattresses, vehicle seat cushions and other cushion materials. soft foams are also used as filter materials, sound insulation materials, shockproof materials, decoration materials, packaging materials and heat insulation materials in industry and civil use.

According to the degree of softness and hardness, that is, the load resistance, polyurethane soft foam can be divided into ordinary soft foam, ultra-soft foam, high load-bearing soft foam, high resilience soft foam, etc., in which high resilience soft foam and high load-bearing soft foam are generally used to make seat mattresses and mattresses. According to the different production process, polyurethane soft foam can be divided into block soft foam and molded soft foam, which is produced by continuous process and then cut into the desired shape. Molded soft foam is a foam product in which the raw materials are directly mixed by the gap process and injected into the mold to foaming into the desired shape.

The main uses of flexible polyurethane foams include the following:

Cushion materials: such as seats, sofas, mattresses, etc., polyurethane soft foam is a very ideal cushion material, cushion material is also the largest amount of soft foam application field.

Sound absorbing material: perforated polyurethane soft foam has good sound absorption and shock absorption function and can be used as indoor sound insulation material.

Fabric composite materials: toys, etc.

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