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Small polyurethane foaming machine for wooden door


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  • Release date:2020-04-15
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Foaming equipment and supporting equipment:

Although polyurethane filled doors have long appeared in the market, they are only produced and sold by some large door enterprises at present. Several factors that affect the promotion are:

1-large investment in foaming equipment-based on the particularity of the production process of the foaming filling door, the foaming work must be completed through a high-pressure foaming machine. At present, the foaming equipment of Panpan, Meixin and other polyurethane filling door manufacturers are imported equipment, and the price of imported foaming equipment often deters small and medium-sized enterprises.

2-not sure about the polyurethane foaming process-because of the lack of understanding of polyurethane materials and the lack of molding experience of many equipment suppliers. Often after buying equipment, enterprises have to explore the process by themselves, because they have not found a suitable molding process, resulting in the filling of the door can not achieve the desired effect.

3-lack of corresponding auxiliary machinery and process guidance-due to the lack of a unified foaming process, the foaming process of each manufacturer is different, so it is impossible to get the most effective design form of auxiliary machinery. Due to the lack of reliable process guidance, enterprises often overestimate or underestimate the difficulty of polyurethane foaming process, resulting in the situation that they do not dare to invest or fail to produce qualified products.

After on-the-spot investigation, Fret Company has designed a full set of door body foaming equipment and process methods, the price is far lower than the imported equipment, and its effect has been verified in the actual production and use.


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Pu foaming machine


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